Monday, February 29, 2016

2 of 2eLLLve. A little by day.

I spent the month of January building my business voice.  I write a weekly blog for VentureFizz and LinkedIn, and found opportunities to speak with a variety of start ups and organizations.  In short, I've decided to turn the focus from being so inwardly focused with my writing,  and have attempted to focus on sharing my passion for what I do for a living with others who seem to be interested in it.  As a side bonus, it's really nice not to be writing about my own private feelings and experiences after a few years of doing so.

I transitioned into February by building from where I started in January.  I may be attempting to share what I know, but there is so much I don't know about.  So I spent this month actively learning new things.  Every day, I sought out to learn something different. I engaged in conversations with new people to learn their stories.   I watched numerous TED talks.  I read countless articles.  I listened to podcasts.  I read books.  Almost all of it was business related, but all of it made me think.  Each thing made me expand my perspective, and my point of view.  

I learned that when people share information, it's not just the content I pay attention to.  It's the voice in which they share it.  I respond to authenticity and experiential insight.  I retract from arrogance or pontification. 

I learned that I am drawn to content that is thought provoking, challenging and engaging.  I like having information shared in a way that causes me to pause and consider it in a way I never have before.  I wasn't a great student until graduate school.  It took me that long to figure out how to engage with information in a way that was meaningful to me.  By practicing that skill a little every single day, I reap the benefits of expanding my world with each interesting thing I choose to invest time in learning about.  

And mostly, I learned that in the age of social media, millions of people believe they have something worth sharing.  Very few of them do.  I strive to be someone who shares when I have something of value to share.  Not just because I have 140 characters available or want to build a brand.  

There is so much information available to us, and I've begun to find my own ways to curate what works for me.  It may not be what's trending, or on the best seller list.  Just as I have had to find my own voice in my writing, I have had to sort through infinite data sources to find what will best educate me.  Inspire me. Motivate me.  And of course, help me along my journey of life long learning. 

I entered this year to pursue  "2eLLLve" (12) new things as an alternative to new year's resolutions.  Each month, I seek to push myself to experience that month's challenge every single day, in hopes it becomes habit.  

I'm off to a good start :)